Drive By Insults 3.5 [18+]

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1. We openly know and admit we are pussies.
2. These videos would not be funny to us if we thought otherwise.
3. These videos would not be funny to us if we stopped and made fun of people to their faces.
4. We made these videos for our (and close friends) own enjoyment. Not yours.
5. We share these videos because there are lots of people just as messed up as we are on the internet.
6. We like knowing we are not alone.
7. We have not done this for 3 years, and probably won't again.
8. The people we yell at are not little baby bitches, and would not stoop lower than us, and harm us.
9. We do not yell racist stuff, that is out of line, and a much larger offense.
10. We only did this on five or six different days.
11. No need to try to insult any of us, it doesn't work.
12. We are openly gay with one another, and would always share a group hand job session after a good day of yelling. There is no reason to only be attracted to one sex, when two is so much better.
13. Please don't make yourself look lamer than us by making fun of us, for making fun of people from the safety of a moving car, from the safety of your home computer. accusing us of being pussies because we curse at people from a car window.
14. If you are known to be a cry baby bitch, don't watch.
15. If you are not, ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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