Naruto Vs Orochimaru Blow Me Away

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During the timeskip, of two and a half years, Jiraiya has apparently witnessed Naruto trigger a four-tailed...
During the timeskip, of two and a half years, Jiraiya has apparently witnessed Naruto trigger a four-tailed Kyûbi state and nearly lost his life in this encounter. With three tails, Naruto was still able to retain his own identity, but when he entered the four-tails version he began to lose the ability to distinguish friends from foes, instead letting Kyûbi's instinct control him. While battling Orochimaru in the grass country after saving Gaara, Naruto's three tailed form caused extensive damage to the surrounding area and was able to land hits on Orochimaru. Orochimaru continues to taunt Naruto by talking about Sasuke as though he belongs to him, which causes Naruto to go into the four-tailed state. This is depicted in Naruto's mind by Naruto swimming through the bars of Kyûbi's cage and Kyûbi closing its hands around Naruto. In this state, Naruto resembles a fox, covered with what appears to be black-colored chakra caused by the mixture of his blood and Kyûbi's chakra. During the battle with Orochimaru in the grass country, Naruto's four-tailed state is shown to be extremely powerful. With one swipe of his hand, he can create a powerful shockwave (as noted by Yamato). He also has the ability to stretch his arms and attack from long distances. When Orochimaru grabs Naruto's arm with his own, he got burnt. Kyûbi-Naruto uses the four tails to concentrate his chakra into a dense dark ball, which Orochimaru states will kill him if he is hit. Naruto eats the black chakra ball, and fires it out of his mouth. The immense energy forces Orochimaru to summon 3 of his Rashômon demon gates to block the attacks. The demon gates however are no match for the attack and are shattered. When the dust clears, it appears that Orochimaru has been defeated, but in fact used the attack as a distraction to launch a sneak attack by burrowing his head underground and impaling Naruto with the Kusanagi sword, sending Naruto flying. However, even this attack does not harm Naruto. Kyûbi-Naruto grabs the extended Kusanagi and tosses it aside, sending Orochimaru flailing.