"Playa Time: Dust to Dust" - Burning Man 2011 Time Lapse

By: meawoppl


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From dust to dust, this time lapse covers over 5 weeks including the preparation of the event, from before the trash fence erection and after basically everyone except for DPW trickles out. Other than a few occasional pauses, the main event goest by at a rate of 3 hours every second.

Get the audio track here: http://soundcloud.com/sharps/playa-time-dust-to-dust

This would not have been possible without the help of many people:

Director / Producer : Matthew Goodman / http://bit.ly/Craneium

Post-Processing : Peretz Partensky / http://bit.ly/BM_timelapse_fusions

Sound Composition : Sharps / Saedos Records (http://sharpsbeats.com)

Hardware Providers:
Matthew Goodman
Todd Huffman
"Safety" Phil Lapsley

Hike Team:
Todd Huffman
Ted Blackman
Matt Goodman
Cody Daniel
Galit Sorokin
Ryan "Flophouse" Matthews
Sean "Giggity" Leon

Special Thanks:
BRARA Ham radio group (http://blog.cq-blackrock.org/)
Ranger Keeper (bandwidth down from the mountain)
Dropbox (for hosting raw images)
Langton Labs

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