Miracles of Allah Human Birth (Tamil) Part- 6 of 6

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A single living cell in the mother's womb gives rise to a human being with all his complex systems after a nine-month adventure. Every stage of the miracle of birth shows that this occurrence is a sign of creation. Miracles of the Quran (அல் குர்'ஆனின் அற்புதங்கள் ), Miracles of the Qur'an - Modern Science Reveals New Miracles of the Qur'an. http://www.tamilbayan.com/ http://www.muslim1st.com/ Miracles of the Quran QURANIN ARPUTHAM Quran Atputham Tamil bayan Quran Miracles Miracle Quraan Tamil harunyahya Harunyahya-tamil Harun Yahya Tamil Tamil Muslim Islamic Video speech bayan.

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