Mihaela Runceanu-De-ar Fi Sa Vii

By: LonelyMoonRise


Uploaded on April 08, 2007 by LonelyMoonRise Powered by YouTube

I wonder even now where you are
What shall I do to tell you that I missed you
Because you've chosen the first one to leave
I didn't know how to tell you:stay longer!
Moments keep running and running away
Stars keep rising and setting
If I had one moment from a day
I'd give it to you when you'll come
If you should come,I'd believe I 'm dreaming
If you should come, what we could tell more
and how could you hope
that I could be the one from yesterday
I didn't forget you,but you see,
I have lost you in my thoughts
If you should come,I'd believe I am dreaming
I'd remember how much I missed you
and I'd forgive you,no matter how hard would seemd
But if you do not love me
Then,you better won't come!

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