Supernova End Sequence -- H.264 Encoded High Res 9.8Mbits/s

By: jdbtwo


Uploaded on June 11, 2008 by jdbtwo Powered by YouTube

This is the climactic end sequence of Supernova, featuring a Dimension Jump, which is unfortunately very short in duration compared to the one at the beginning of the film. It is encoded with H.264 at a bitrate of ~9.8Mbits/sec .

***For the best viewing experience I recommend you append "&fmt=18" to the URL and use Adobe Flash Player 10 beta or greater.

****Note: YouTube seems to have some problem with this video eg. sporadic improperly resized video ( "squished" ), play stopping even when the buffer is full and/or buffering stopping, inability to view in high quality or view in H.264 high quality with stereo sound using the "&fmt=18" trick. If, for some reason, you want to view the video in standard quality but doing so results in a "squished" image then I suggest clicking on the "view in high quality" link and then clicking on "view in standard quality link" to take you back to standard quality mode. For some reason this usually causes YouTube to correctly resize the video in standard quality mode.

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