Counter Strike - Hard Clan - Die Hard

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This video is the best of the best. They are playing Counter Strike and they are awesome. I know that this video is old but i like it anyway.

The five players:
Paul - Paul Benton
Montrey - Montrey Whittaker
Guss - Adam Sparks
Crovean - Chriss Goyenechea
Tyrant - Chris Arnett
knows what they are doing and it is just a great movie.

The soundtracks in this video is:

#1 The Last Samurai -

#2 DJ Spectre - Hard Clan Die Hard:
1) Warp Brothers - Power
2) Flickman - Hey Paradise
3) Megara vs. DJ Lee - Hold Your Hands Up
4) Alphazone - Stay
5) Brooklyn Bounce - We Are Live
6) DJ Dean - Attention
7) Warp Brothers - Blast The Speakers

#3 Linkin Park - Faint

#4 Benny Benassi - Saticfaction

This awesome shit is made by SOZOU and it is uploaded bi SCHENDU.

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