Paris Lo SEXY WALK (How to Walk Like a SUPER MODEL) Las Vegas 2009 Sexy Walk [18+]

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Uploaded on November 04, 2009 by ParisLoOfficialTV Powered by YouTube Paris Lo SEXY WALK (How to walk like a SUPER MODEL) Las Vegas 2009 Sexy Walk ok ok you can laugh all you want, but you try walking in heels ha ha ;) it's hard, i'm a dancer so i can balance myself pretty good ;)

i take you through the dos and don'ts of how a super model should walk, i cover the male model walk first, and then go into the female walk. you have to understand that i'm not trying to be a drag queen or look like a girl, it's simple just for the art of walking like a super model.

as an artist i like to touch sensitive subjects that most people don't have the balls to touch ouch.... how many guys do you know can walk like this???? i am a perfectionist and work how to achieve my goals, if i have my mind set on something i will get it done.

I'm sure Tyra Banks and Gisele B√ľndchen and all the victorias secret models will be impressed on what i did ha ha ;) ok sorry that sounded a little to cocky ha ha ;) but anyway hope you like it and hope you stay tune for more of my crazy fun and artistic abilities.

Paris Lo

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