Uh Oh Cheerios Causes Rainforest Destruction

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Cheerios may be good for your heart, but not so good for the world's rainforests, communities and the climate.

Cheerios, and other favorite General Mills cereals like Trix, Lucky Charms and Wheaties, contain palm oil-derived ingredients grown on plantations that destroy rainforests in Southeast Asia.

The Facts

*Over 100 General Mills products contain palm oil or palm oil derivatives
*Approximately 85 percent of palm oil is grown on industrial plantations that eradicate the homes and livelihoods of local people
*Palm oil plantations threaten highly endangered species like orangutans, Sumatran tigers and elephants
*Deforestation causes climate change by producing 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions
*General Mills markets its products primarily to parents and children, dragging them unknowingly into this chain of destruction

Help General Mills make a change. Learn more at http://TheProblemWithPalmOil.org.

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