F-35 Lightning II DAS System

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This is the first system of its kind guys. The technology is just alien-like. The most interesting thing to me is its ability to render maneuvability of enemy aircraft useless, since I've always question why the f-35 doesn't have thrust vector while its losing competitor, x-32 has.

And guys, I know due to the nature of the video, there gonna be some hot debate between the Russian and US aircrafts, but please respect yourself by not acting subhuman-like. Combat aircrafts are the spear of aviation, and people who makes them are dedicated geniuses whether it's Russian or US planes. Secondly, military powers in no way speaks about the value of one's country. So if the plane from your country is not as advanced, so what!? You yourself know how much you love, appreciate its unique beauties, and enjoy living on its land. With that say, enjoy!

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