Fallout 3 - My Custom Weapons

By: omfgwdfiswrong


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Using the premade meshes, I edited the projectiles and script effects of these weapons, also I added the Fire Hydrant, this is a behemoth weapon, I just swapped the meshes from a sledge and edited the killing blow to explode.

Wezz's Bloody Blade -
Damage: 35 - Crit: 40
DPS: 104

Wezz's Grenader -
Damage:(Nuka-Grenadex3) - Crit: N/A
DPS: (Nuka-Grenade x6)

Wezz's Home Made Sledge -
Damage: 50 - Crit: 75
DPS: 71

Wezz's Rifle -
Damage: 16 - Crit: 32
DPS: 128

Wezz's Sniper Lazer -
Damage: 50 - Crit: 100
DPS: 267

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