Windsurf 1985 - Oneill 85 Invitational Part 2

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The premier event of 1985 sponsored by Oneill Wetsuits and Jack Oneill (with eyepatch). Sailors include Robby Naish (US-1111), Alex Aguera (US-151, Peter Cabrinha, Mike Waltze. Randy Naish, Matt Schweitzer, Mark Angulo and Ken Winner. Veteran sailors include Gerry Lopez from surfing fame. Women sailors include Jill Boyer, Kelby Anno, Jenna de Ronay and Debbie Brown. The backward loop was just becoming a reaility and the over rotations in this video are mad. Watch out for Robby performing first backward loop with landing in competition. Special supplements on Fred Haywood (Speed King) and Chris Lassen (Artist) living the life in Maui. Thanks a lot to Water Cooled films for a great production.
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