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--Free Running & Hip Hop Film--
You Got Served: Beat the World Is a fast paced high octane Dance and Free Running film set in Detroit. The film follows dance crews from around the World as they compete to win the Beat the World Competition.

This film features mind blowing B-Boy moves from Germanys "Flying Steps" Hip Hop styles from Sho Tyme and Lil C, Free Running from Chase Armitage and the 3RUN team, Mad Brazilian moves from Luana Simpson and Amanda Angel, Liinda Garisto, Natalli Reznik & Kristy Flores with US flavor from Teresa Espinosa and Davina Lorenzo.

Staring the legendary Tyrone Brown as Yuson, supported by Sho Tyme, Mishael Morgan, Nikki Grant and Chase Armitage as Justin.

The Movie is set to release on June 21st on Blue Ray and DVD!

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Soundtrack Available Worldwide June 14
Featuring New Music from KRS-One, K'NAAN, Lina, MV Bill, Talib Kweli, Nneka, Ziggy Marley, Les Nubians and more...

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