DragonBall Raging Blast 2: All Ultimate Attacks 【HD】

By: dbzanto


Uploaded on November 13, 2010 by dbzanto Powered by YouTube

List of Characters & Attacks in Galaxy Mode order in the video: Goku - Spirit Bomb, Large Spirit Bomb, Super Spirit Bomb, Angry Kamehameha, Super Kamehameha, True Kamehameha Kid Gohan - Wild Rush Blaster Teen Gohan - Super Kamehameha,Father-Son Kamehameha Gohan - Super Kamehameha Piccolo - Light Grenade Krillin - Destructo-Disc Yamcha - Super Spirit Ball Tien - Neo Tri Beam Chiaotzu - Farewell,Mr. Tien Vegeta (Scouter) - Final Burst Cannon Vegeta - Big Bang Attack, Final Flash Majin Vegeta - Final Explosion Trunks (Sword) - Lightning Sword Slash, Shining Sword Attack Trunks (Fighting Teen) - Finish Buster, Heat Dome Attack, Super Explosive Wave Kid Trunks - Finish Buster, Big Tree Cannon Goten - Super Kamehameha Gotenks - Big Tree Cannon, Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, Charging Ultra Buu Buu Volleyball Vegito - Super Kamehameha, Final Kamehameha Videl - Videl Rush Bardock - Final Spirit Cannon Raditz - Begone! Nappa - Nappa Cannon Dodoria - Maximum Buster Zarbon - Elegant Blaster, Monster Crush Captain Ginyu - Body Change Recoome - Recoome Ultra Fighting Bomber Burter - Space Mach Attack Jeice - Crusher Ball Guldo - Guldo Special Frieza - Death Ball, HAIL Frieza, Crazy Finger Beam, Destroy The Planet!, I'm the One Who'll Kill You! Android #16 - Self Destruct Device Android #17 - Photon Flash Android #18 - Sadistic 18 Android #19 - Drain Life 19 Dr. Gero - Drain Life 20 Cell - See Ya!, Super Big Bang Crash, Perfect Barrier, Solar Kamehameha Majin Buu - Angry Explosion Super Buu - Revenge Death Bomber, Super Kamehameha, Super Ghost Buu Attack Kid Buu - Planet Burst Broly - Eraser Cannon, Super Explosive Wave, Omega Blaster Super Gogeta - Stardust Breaker, Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta - Galick Gun Super Saiyan 3 Broly - Gigantic Buster Ultimate Gohan - Burst Rush Saibamen -Saibaman Bomb Mecha Frieza - Supernova Cell Jr - Super Kamehameha Dabura - Darkness Sword Attack Turles - Meteor Burst Cooler - Chaotic Dead End,Supernova Meta-Cooler - Supernova Android #13 - S.S. Deadly Bomber, Full Power S.S. Deadly Bomber Zangya - Sky Zapper Bojack - Grand Smasher ,Galactic Buster Super Janemba - Dimension Sword Attack Future Gohan - Super Kamehameha,Fierce Combination Nail - Mystic Crasher Cui - Ah! Lord Frieza! Pikkon - Thunder Flash Tarble - Round UFO Attack Android #14 - Android Charge 14 Android #15 - Android Strike 15 Salza - Salza Blade Rush Neizu - Neizu Bind Wave Dore - Dore Terrible Flash Hatchiyack Revenger Cannon
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