Ulek Mayang

By: peacebuy


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The Ulek Mayang that I created is kind of a new version. Instead of saving the lives of fishermen that the Puteri Duyung always do, this time circa 1511, the 7th Puteri Duyung at the time she was a budding Puteri Ulek Mayang but had not reach the age of the Puteri Ulek. The young Puteri Duyung on a stormy night, saved a life of a Malay Prince. For seven day and seven nights, the seven Puteri Ulek Mayang Mengulek to revive the spirit of the Malay Prince and his hulubalang that had been lying uncouncious. The Puteri Duyung secretly on her own danced the Ulek Mayang to safe the life of her new found love. And on the 7th night, the Prince and his hulubalang finally revived. The Prince could not forget the glimpse of the Puteri Duyung sight. The moment he recovered he immediately fell in love with the Puteri Duyung. Thus the forbidden love germinated between the two lovers of different world against the will and the liking of the oceanic spirits. The hulubalang soon returned bringin with them the 7 Wasiats, while the Prince decided to stay and marry his beloved Puteri Duyung. They stayed they for long period of time until one day...the Prince told his lover...."sudah tikanya kanda pulang....." more at GEMPAMELAYU!!!

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