Panzer Dragoon II Zwei (Sega Saturn) Gameplay

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Uploaded on February 20, 2009 by teh2Dgamer Powered by YouTube

I accidentally deleted this one, so I re-uploaded it. Sorry about that.I finally got the right cables to make vids of my Sega Saturn games. Up until today, I had just the crappy RFU adapter which put a bunch of wavy lines and other interference in the picture. It was actually getting worse every time I'd try and play my Saturn, but no more.So in honor of this being my first Sega Saturn video, I decided to post some Gameplay footage of the first Sega Saturn game I ever played.You see, I missed out on owning a Saturn when it was still alive. I didn't get one until 200 or 2001, and even by that time, many of it's most popular games were expensive. However, this game came with my Saturn, and is still probably my favorite Saturn game. For me, this series is the best original series to come out of the Saturn. NiGHTS was also great, and so were many others, but the Panzer Dragoon series to me will always be the best.Unfortunately, I've still yet if ever to acquire Panzer Dragoon Saga (I don't feel like selling a kidney to get my hands on a copy), but I own every other game in the series, and am a huge fan.I'm not going to show you a complete playthrough of the game, because there's already one posted, so I'll just show a quick gameplay snippet instead. It's truly a remarkable series.I'm also a little rusty, so forgive me for it not being a perfect run.This is from the Sixth level of the game where you're fighting inside a giant ship. This game truly has an epic feel to it, and it's got a very unique atmosphere.

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