John Madden Football '92 Ambulance Montage

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*** EDIT 28/01/2011 ***

Watch Madden '92 predict the result of Super Bowl XLV between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers

First half:

Second half:

*** EDIT 14/06/2010 ***

EA used a snippet of this video in the Madden 11 segment of their E3 2010 keynote press conference! More to follow.

This is something I've been meaning to do and upload onto YouTube for a while now. It is a few recorded clips of the ambulance from Madden 92 on the MegaDrive (or Genesis for US viewers) that comes on when a player is injured.

However, due to some bad programming the players who are not injured do not move out of the way of the ambulance and are mowed down... but get up to continue playing.

Nostalgic fun!

*** EDIT *** 7th Oct 2008 *** EDIT ***

I've added in annotations of the teams playing in this video. If anyone could help with the possible players I will add them in too. I have only put in the names of the teams as they are in the game, hence no Eagles, Packers or Giants noted to keep this in line with the original game.

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