The Old Republic - PS3 Controller Mapping (Walkthrough) with Downloads

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Hey guys, I've decided to show you all what a lot of people have overlooked as far as custom gamepad mappings go for MMOs. I've always wanted a more immersive experience when playing an MMO, and this is a more comfortable, and adaptable solution. Tools used with The Old Republic are: MotionJoy (my custom config file below), Xpadder(with custom config for Toggle-Mouselook and right joystick as mouse axis). You may have to tweak some things like sensitivity and toggle options with Xpadder as I don't think it saved over but shouldn't be too hard to change. MotionJoy includes drivers for 32/64bit OS for the PS3 controller. So follow the directions on their site to install that program first, Xpadder to follow that.

Make sure to calibrate the PS3 controller after you install the drivers and do reboots when they tell you to. If you have any questions you can try and ask them here, I'm running 64bit edition. When you get both key mapping programs reading off your PS3, that's a good sign, from their you can customize your settings. Xpadder may need to be run in Windows XP (Service Pack 3) compatibility mode, if you're having problems recognizing controls in-game. If you do download my profile configurations, check and see below what you need to change. Make sure to keep both running in the background when you start up the game. Other than that, have fun and enjoy the new experience!

Changes to make to Input mapping in-game:
Target next enemy = Shift + F6
Target nearest enemy = F6
Quickslot Bar 1
5 = Shift + 1
6 = Shift + 2
7 = Shift + 3
8 = Shift + 4
Quickslot Bottom Center Bar 1 (Make sure to enable first)
1 = Ctrl + 1
2 = Ctrl + 2
3 = Ctrl + 3
4 = Ctrl + 4
9 = Ctrl + 9
10 = Ctrl + 0
11 = Ctrl + (-)
12 = Ctrl + (=)

Should be a good start but definitely can be expanded upon. If it's too confusing just make up your own configurations but make sure to change your custom MotionJoy configuration to match in-game.

MotionJoy -
MotionJoy Custom Keymap Profile -
Controller Mapping Layout Diagram -
Xpadder -
MotionJoy/Xpadder Image Layout -

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