Kingdom Hearts II - Sora & Leon & Cloud Vs. Sephiroth

By: Bizkit047


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This was a user request video from salsamanmanman and..someone else that I don't remember. I know this is sort of a cliche fight, but more than one person requested it, so I figured I'd just do it.

I had a theory that maybe Cloud and Leon wouldn't be as powerful if I was a lower level. Seems I wasn't 100% right. Cloud still does massive damage with his combos, but Leon does practically nothing. I was hoping for the fight to last longer, but didn't work. Anyways, the fight was still maybe a slight challenge. I actually got it on my first try, but because I'm only level 42, one combo can kill me (I don't have Second Chance or Once More), and as you can see in the video, I almost did die once.

When he got to his final form, I just sat back and watched them fight it out a little to keep the fight going, then decided to end it. And in case you're curious of stats:

Game Mode: Proud Mode
Keyblade: Sleeping Lion
Armor: Forgot, check other low level Seph fight
Accessories: Forgot, check other low level Seph fight
Items: Elixer x2
Action Abilities (Equipped): Guard, Horizontal Slash, Dodge Slash, Slide Dash, Explosion, Aerial Sweep, Aerial Spiral, Aerial Finish, Counterguard
Growth Abilities (Equipped): High Jump LV2, Aerial Dodge LV1, Quick Run LV2
Support Abilities (Equipped): Scan, Aerial Recovery, Combo Plus, Combo Boost, Air Combo Boost, Reaction Boost, Damage Drive, Drive Boost
Weapons Abilities (Equipped): Combo Plus

Customized Buttons: Elixer, Thundera, Cura, Reflect

LV: 42
HP: 115
MP: 110
AP: 38/50
Drive Guage: 5/5
Bonus LV: 45
Summon LV: 1
Valor LV: 5
Wisdom LV: 5
Master LV: 3

Strength: 27-30ish
Magic: 27-30ish
Defense: 26

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