How To Mod Your Slim PlayStation 2

By: Graded33


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This is a tutorial/guide on how to mod your slim PlayStation 2. This only works for Slim PS2s. Yes, if you do everything (including buying SwapMagic), you can play burnt/japanese/back-up games.

SwapMagic is available at . On this website, it gives you a list of places online where you can purchase it. I bought mine from . They had very friendly service. You NEED, NEED Swapmagic to play burnt games. You NEED IT. There is a way to swap guitar hero discs, and there are tutorials on YouTube as well. I would make a video, but I don't own any of the GH games.

Feel free to leave me comments or ask any questions. Message me at AffairsMark (AIM) or (MSN).

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