Tingo Tango -- It Is Jazz (ENZO ELIA S950 Edit)

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http://hellyeahrec.bandcamp.com/releases Balearic Gabba Sound System represents the second geneneration of so called Balearic DJs... those who grew up at raves in the 90s and survived the digital revolution... Enzo Elia (Hell Yeah house specialist & member of "El Freakadell") is one of those enthusiast DJs, his Balearic Gabba edits dig heavily into early 90s crackling italian house scene, not too many "spaghetti" here but obscure hands in the air riviera moments, tribal retro-winners, Idjut Boys wannasounding b-sides and party sample-mania a go-go. Locodice -- "This is just GREAT" Cosmo Vitelli "Ace EP. Full support!" Chris Duckenfield - "Far more authentic than every other 90's homage I've heard this week...great Palmares vibe on 'I Can Feel It' Richard Norris (The Man & The Machine) -- "nice! mucho balearia..." Felix Dickinson -- "Wicked, thanks, will definitely be able to play this, cheers." The Project Club -- "Super stuff - Right up my Balearic seashore" Rune Lindbaek -- "Me dig-a-lotta, multe bene! " Eva Pacifico (Ibiza Sonica) -- "I find it definitely balearic!" Fabio De Luca (Rolling Stones Mag) -- "kaleidoscopic indeed! and I love a record where the drums ARE drumming! (like in "Let the Rhythm")." Severino (Horse Meat Disco) -- "VERY GOOD Enzo...Wow this is what i called music .." Valentino Kanzyani - "Lotus is my favorite one I played the original record so many times.. Its time to loose control again.. Full support to the Balearic Gabba Sound System.." www.hellyeahrec.com
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