Mike Troy "Don Chele" - Broke Poet [18+]

By: MikeTroyDonChele


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Sometimes I go to sleep and dream of suicide, it's hard to stop it That's why I went do or die in this hip hop shit, and I wake up praying to the world, I hope I make it cuz damn I love these @ucking girls and how they shake it...and I've been doing this for years, not much to show for it, Writing for my peers, it's like a ghost wrote it Never got a cheer or a toast for it This life of a broke poet Chorus: Life(2x) Life of a Broke Poet, Lott of blood, sweat and tears, not much to show for it...This life of a Broke Poet Songs come and songs go, and I don't think that I'm ever gonna blow Older now and it's getting hard to fake it bundled in this shroud of failure keep me feeling like I'm naked There's a part of me, in this artistry, if you haven't lived it then it's kind of hard to see Reach into my soul no matter what the subject, how many pieces of my soul gonna get scattered to the public? If I could count the times that I got the line... you're on the verge of signing on the dotted line... Then they swerve, somewhere along the line, Then they merge the words "better luck with next time" Pulling swords for an opponet, say that deal's yours, then go and postpone it... To the drawing board, seem like a joke don't it? This life of a broke poet
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