Thriller World Record Leicester 2009 (Better Quality) [18+]

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Congratulations to over 500 people who performed in the Thriller World Record in Leicester today, according to our independent adjudicators, we had just over 500 people perform the dance.
We now need to send the photos and video to Guinness who will verify our record.

Please can you send your photos and videos to

We are now hard at work preparing the video coverage of this event and will upload it here shortly. In the meantime, if you would like to join our mailing list for future news and information about Michael Jackson events in Leicester, please email us and in the mean time, please review our website

I would like to add a quick note about the dispute between Leicester and Mexico, "WHO CARES"!! - What's important is that we all had fun combined and we raised money for Charity!

We have documentation from Guinness that states that the full US Album Version of Thriller is the track to use to beat the record - perhaps Mexico were going for a different record. In any case, will the 'fans' of Leicester please appreciate that Mexico got hundreds of fans together and made something big and will Mexico 'fans' please appreciate we were working to the guidelines that Guinness laid out for us.

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