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US$1.50 for 2 film pieces, FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE
US$3.00 for 9 film pieces, FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

Two ways to order:
1. email payment from to

2. Or Send check or money order to:
Jill Lix
HC 2 Box 306
Nogales, AZ 85621

You can have your color change film in about 6 business days inside the USA, or about 9 business days outside the USA

GlowMind information:
GlowMind changes color
based on the temperature of your body.

Cold ----- Black
Cool ----- Red
Warm ----- Green
Hot ------ Blue

Biofeedback, all ages, non-toxic, environmentally friendly. No batteries needed. Film is reusable and can be used over and over again.

Also useful for:
Stress control training
Reynard's disease control exercises
Lie detection
Emotion detection
Individual biofeedback exercises.

GlowMind Biofeedback Variations

Lie detector: Place film on person in area where film is green. Have person answer questions, color change to red or black indicates lie, no color change or color change to blue indicates truth.

Emotion detector: Place film on person in area where film is green. Ask person to think about something. No color change indicates neutrality. Color change to red or black indicates stressful emotions. Color change to blue indicates healthy, peaceful emotions.

Individual biofeedback control training: Attach film to finger or hand and learn to control stress throughout the day. Stress is indicated by black. Mild stress is indicated by red. No stress is indicated by green. Relaxed is indicated by blue.

Teachers: Bring film to school to promote a low-stress, better teaching environment.

Raynauds control exercises: Attach to finger or hand and use for biofeedback control training during the day. If hands are always cold, attach to warmer part of body to learn warming techniques first.

Sexual Games: Place film on different sexual areas of body for a seductive game. No excitement is indicated by black. Mild excitement is indicated by red. More excitement is indicated by green. Hot is indicated by blue.

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