Multifandom - Naked (Collab W/Pav)

By: lolenax


Uploaded on December 19, 2010 by lolenax Powered by YouTube

Hey guys, here I come again with another collab, lmao & this time is with the AWESOME, AMAZING *screams* PAV *throws conffeties* lmao. This collab took some time to get done, but here it is, so we hope you all like it! ;) ♥ Damon/Elena, Liam/Annie, Clark/Lois by Awesome Pav. CHECK HER VIDEOS, COMMENT, SUB, FAVE & EVERYTHING PLEASE! xD She's SO freaking amazing and I'm sure you all will love her awesomeness as much as I do. I LOVE her SO much, is it seeable? LMAO! ♥ Quinn/Puck, Chuck/Sarah, Alex/Spencer by me. Song: Naked - Avril Lavigne. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED, JUST FOR FAN ENJOYMENT.♥
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