SGI Final Version

By: JesseHiraya


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My first widescreen video formatted for YouTube!

Once again, Max convinced me to make a video for him. This was for Soka Gakkai International, a religious movement derived from Nichiren Buddhism. The goal of the video is to promote study of The New Human Revolution.

I decided to try my hand at traditional Hollywood style directing. That is to say, instead of being the writer and director, the SGI members came up with the script and I directed it to the best of my ability to make their writing come to life with my on-the-spot mental storyboards.

I decided to play around a lot more with the image this time. Each of the days are color coded as well as vary in brightness and contrast. Everything was actually shot in one day, everyone brought several pairs of clothes to change into.

Son - Max Louie
Daughter - Julie Nakamura
Mother - Jade Louie

Composer - Dane Neves
Keyboard - Dane Neves
Guitar - Max Louie

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