Kiss the Rain Jack&Ana Lucia

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Just a short Jana vid. It basically tells their story, from the first time they met at the airport and to Ana's death.
I don't ship Jana, I never have, never will. I'm a hardcore and proud Sana fan, but I must admit I loved the friendship that had been created between Ana and Jack. I don't think they could be a good couple, simply because I just didn't see that kind of chemistry between the actors. The only scene in which they had the chemistry was the one at the airport, in my opinion... But they were great friends and I'll always love their friendship.

Dedicated to Kamila (yourScu). Because I owe her a Jana vid SO much. Hope you like it! :)

Song: 'Kiss the rain' by Yiruma

"What's your name?" "Ana Lucia."
"So where are you sitting?" "23B" "42F. Wanna trade?"
"You're gonna try to convince me that everyone here doesn't hate me?" "Only if you're gonna try to convince me that every woman in the world is not crazy."
"See you found a new friend?" "Progress."
"The worst part's over."
"Plane crash, you both survived, nice beach, she's hot, you're hot. It's what people do."
"No ring 'cause you're single or because you don't like wearing one?" "You're asking me if I'm married?"
"Ana Lucia Cortez. Before we crashed she was a police officer. I don't think it was easy for her being here, but I think she did the best she could. She was a woman of few words and I'm gonna follow her example. Rest in peace, Ana."
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