The Three Stooges: Moe Larry The Cheese. Limburger

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this clip is from The Three Stooges short film Horse's Collars 1935

it as well as 18 other classic
Three Stooges short films are available
on The Three Stooges Collection, Volume One: 1934-1936 two disc set from this link

Here are Three Stooges complete 1934-1936 classic shorts listing with chronological order.

Woman Haters / Punch Drunks / Men In Black / Three Little Pigskins

Horses' Collars / Restless Knights / Pop Goes The Easel / Uncivil Warriors / Pardon My Scotch / Hoi Polloi / Three Little Beers

Ants In The Pantry / Movie Maniacs / Half-Shot Shooters / Disorder In The Court / A Pain In The Pullman / False Alarms / Whoops, I'm an Indian / Slippery Silks

Total nineteen classic shorts. Some of the finest Three Stooges shorts made between 1934-1936. Disorder In The Court, Movie Maniacs are two of the best examples of three Stooges early period. Thanks for reading and watching.

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