Celebrity Weddings - Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell

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The unbelievably attractive couple held their ceremony in their own backyard, at their Southern California Ranch. The entire day was laid back, fun, and relaxed, with a gospel choir singing the Foreigner ballad "I Want to Know What Love Is" as Romijn walked down the aisle. The groom wore a relaxed and comfortable blue gray suit, while the bride was equally comfortable in a lace Ralph Lauren mermaid sheath. The supermodel turned actress looked beautiful in the no frills gown, but looking beautiful is in her job description after all. The reception was equally laid back and unpretentious, with lanterns lighting the way and mini red velvet cupcakes substituting for a traditional wedding cake. And your wedding day can be equally relaxed if comfort, simplicity, and a lack of frills define your wedding gown and the groom's duds. A garden wedding on a warm summer evening would make you forget the stress of planning the event... even if you don't own a ranch like Romijn and O'Connell. And don't forget to consider standing out from tradition by serving cupcakes instead of a wedding cake... they're becoming more and more popular at wedding receptions these days. Not to mention the fact that they're delicious. I'm Harmonie Krieger for NuptialsTV.Com, wishing all your wedding fantasies come true.

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