Pokemon Diamond/Pearl - Catching Rotom

By: Marriland


Uploaded on April 27, 2007 by Marriland Powered by YouTube

Marriland shows you where to find the Pokemon Rotom inside of the Old Chateau.

This was recorded on my Japanese Diamond version because I haven't gotten that far on my English version yet and I needed to write about how to find Rotom.

I can't believe that I was so stupid to forget that Rotom was completely immune to all of Quagsire's attacks, haha! I was going to reset but was surprised that the first Ultra Ball caught it, so I decided to keep the video. :p

You can check out Rotom's Pokedex information, as well as information on every single Pokemon in the game, at:

- http://pokemon.marriland.com

It has a full Pokedex and complete Walkthrough so you'll know everything there is to know!


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