Opening Previews to Sliver 1993 VHS (Red Tape Edition)

By: Tracy Jackson


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Here is the opening to the 1993 release of sliver, yes the camera was moving so I can make it look perfect it was to bright but whatever and the cassette is red 1.Paramount Moving Squares (Coming Attractions Bumper) 2.Indecent Proposal Trailer 3.The Firm Trailer 4.Adaams Family Values Trailer 5.Sliver Soundtrack Promo 6.Stay tuned after the feature presentation for the UB40 music video promo with my VoiceOver 7.Paramount Moving Squares (Feature Presentation bumper) 8.FBI Warning with my Voice Over 9.Paramount Pictures Logo (1986-2001 with Paramount Communications Byline) *Note No copyright infringement intended and yes I will upload the closing credits later on Subscribe and Comment Mimi3000
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