Set OS X Free - License out OS X Part 1

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Licensing out OS X has been a fairly big discussion and via my last video it sparked up yet again. This is an addition to my previous series with new information and outlook.

I have a series of links that accompany the video as follows:

For the section on clones, these articles explain the true problems of Apple as the clones were only a very small part of its demise. Apple suffered from product recalls and inventory/production management. Another variable that many miss is that Apple made 11.5 Billion in total annual sales just as the clone program started very late 1994.

Here is the 11.5 billion links:

links on Apple's real problems,9171,983500,00.html

Q1 2009 revenue

Desktops and Laptops decline and growth:

Sales trend

Net Sales NOT annual Sales

1995 was 11.5B and in 2008 Mac Annual Sales were 14.27B

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