Hardest Push UPS - Pyramid Push UPS

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LINK ZA MAJICE ********www.facebook****/media/set/?set=a.285152328207176.86128.130880646967679&type=...
LINK ZA MAJICE ********www.facebook****/media/set/?set=a.285152328207176.86128.130880646967679&type=3 MY FACEBOOK : *******www.facebook****/Nixa.Zizu.Official.Page TWITTER *******twitter****/NixaZizu MYSPACE *******www.myspace****/nixazizu ▬♥▬☺▬☻▬☼▬♣▬☺▬☻ INFORMATION ABOUT CLIP : Don't do pyramid If your skinny .At the time I was doing pyramid every 2 or 3 days and for that reason i was very skinny. Pyramid require lot of stress and energy as you run marathon. I don't recommended it for skinny guys. Check my new video about push-ups, of which I gained weight. It can help you a lot. Clip name is '' PUSH UPS FOR SKINNY PEOPLE'' NOW,HOW TO DO PYRAMID ? 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 I AM DOING PUSH UPS SINCE I WAS 11 ...AND BELIEVE ME THIS IS THE HARDEST VARIATION. TRY IT , YOU WILL SEE ... MANY OF YOU ASKED ME WHAT TRAINING DO I DO, AND DO I USE ANY CHEMISTRY ? I DONT USE ANY CHEMESTRY ! I EAT HEALTY FOOD , I DONT SMOKE , I DONT DRINK ALCOHOL - BASICLY I LIVE HEALTY LIFE,AND IF YOU LIVE LIKE THAT IT'S NOT TO HARD TO DO EXERCICES ! I TRAIN 3-4 TIMES A WEEK ! MY TRAINING IS ABOUT 90 MINUTES LONG ! I DO PULL UPS , PUSH UPS, AB EXERCISES AND I RUN ! SOMETIMES I USE SMALL SET OF WEIGHTS ! PS I NEVER WENT TO GYM ! YOU DONT NEED GYM ! IT"S JUST EXCUSE ! IF YOU WANT TO LOOK GOOD , FEEL GOOD AND TO BE STRONG , ONLY THING YOU NEED IS GOOD WILL ! KEEP TRAINING :) REGARDS NIXA