Aye Hip-Hopper (Nelena)

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READ READ READ! I noe this is an indian song buh plz check this out! _____________________________________...
READ READ READ! I noe this is an indian song buh plz check this out! ________________________________________________________________________________ This is my first Sony Vegas video so plz no rude comments! I noe I didn't use much effects buh I'm still learning! and I didn't make my production sign... JBKevinJoeNick did! ________________________________________________________________________________ TRANSLATED LYRICS: (in the brackets) Aye Hip-Hopper mujhe pyar to kar (love me o Hip-hopper) Aye Hip-Hopper Mere pyar ke dariya mein, mere laoo (love) ke dariya mein (in the river of my love) Ek dubki lo na sir! (take one dip!) Aye Hip-Hopper! Kya tu bak rahi hai? (what the heck are you saying) Aise tak rahi hai (why are you staring at me) Khopdi pak rahi hai (you are making me mad) Ruk Ruk Ruk Ruk (just stop) Bakshish bhi diya aur, (I've given you tips) Bonus bhi diya aur, (I've given you bonus) Chahiye tujko kya? Chal! (what else do you want. just go away) Phut. Phut. Phut. Phut. (away...) Tere ghar me bartan shartan maanjti hun mein barabar. (I do dishes in your house alright) Tu kabhie to mere dil ke ghar mein pocha kar de aa kar. (why don't you sweep in the house of my heart) God she thinks she's hot like Rekha, Maybe but she's not my flavour. Loving her is too much labour. Labour. L-Labour. How can I? I'm a star Hip-Hopper. She's my bai just a part time naukar. ...servant Aye aye bhai gotta be high to rock her. Rock her. Rocker her. Just gimme some Hip-Hop! Aye Hip-Hopper mujhe pyar to kar (Aye Hip-Hopper) Mere pyar ke rickshaw ko, mere love ke rickshaw ko. (to rickshaw of my love) Ek dhakaa do na sir! (give a push!) Aye Hip-Hopper! Ish! Sir.. lo na.. phone.. (pick up the phone) Meri girlfriend aa rahi hai. (my girlfriend is coming) Tu kab jah rahi hai? (when are you going?) Kyun sataa rahi hai? (why are you teasing me) Ruk Ruk Ruk Ruk (just stop!) Us ko pata joh. Chale to hoga voh. (if she finds out then that will happen) Socha na hoga joh. (which you haven't even thought about) Phut. Phut. Phut. Phut. Tujko har din khana-vana main khilaati hun pakaa kar. (I feed you everyday and cook for you) Aaj mere dil ke tave pe, rotiyan tu sekle aa kar. (why don't you bake your chapati on grill of my heart) There's no bai I know quite like her. If my girl finds out she'll strike her. But she's the bomb! Dam I wanna light her. Light her. L- Light her. Lock the door bend down lets do it. Mop the floor turn around lets do it. All the bais cook it up get to it. To it. To it. Just gimme some Hip-Hop. Aye Hip-Hopper mujhe pyar to kar. Aye Hip-Hopper. Mere pyar ki basti mein, mere love ki basti mein. Thodi masti ho jai sir! Aye Hip-Hopper NOTE: lyrics not translated by me lool ________________________________________________________________________________ I wanna thank JamMusic13, iTruffle and JonasRmyStudmuffins for helping me with sony vegas! Thanks a lot =) ________________________________________________________________________________ I am not the owner of any of these clips or the song. I am just using them for entertainment purposes.