Jovit Baldivino - Open Arms

By: elnathanrupert


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Note: Before posting nonsense comment, please read the video description and try reading between the lines.

An Amateur Video of Jovit Baldivino with his rendition of Journey's Open Arms. Watch this guy's rise to Stardom. Video courtesy of Ian Felix (manilaguy25) of Multiply. Thanks!


This video has been posted to show the world how talented this guy really is with the consent of the guy whom I got the video from, Sir Ian Felix. If any of you find the video or any content of the video itself "Offensive", please feel free to report it to Youtube Management. It is not my intention to ruin this Guy's reputation. I find it ironic that you watch the video content without reading the description and try being a smart a$$.. Pardon the french but lets try to be more vigilant about our comments here. If you are a skeptic, then just be but please do it with a little respect to others.

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