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Virginia, a 13-year-old girl living in Maine with her older sister Caroline and her father Ford, is still grieving the death of her mother, who was killed three years prior in a riding accident. The horse she was riding, Twister, was sold to a neighbor, but Virginia still sneaks out to the property to visit her, and even helps her to give birth to Stormy. As Stormy grows up, Virginia continues to sneak out to care for him and to train him. The owner of both the horses attempts to train him for his son Darrow, Caroline's boyfriend, but sells him when the horse proves too much for the spoiled boy to handle. Meanwhile, Virginia begins working for one of Blake's trainers, Jessie. Eventually, Virginia's father purchases Stormy for Virginia and the two enter the endurance race that Darrow wins (albeit usually by cheating) every year. Can she and Stormy overcome the odds and win the race? Watch and see! All rights reserved: MGM/UA
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