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Hey Everybody!

This video is a little different. One of my new years resolutions is to get crafty. It's fun and helps me to relax. I think one of the best gifts to give somebody is a mug. It's useful because we drink everyday and if its a personalized one- it means it is going to be one of a kind. It's sedimental and can be meaningful.

You don't have to be an artist to paint your own mug. It's all about the thought that counts. You can draw/write ANYTHING on the mug. Just enjoy the process.

I started off using a Children's Tea Set from Toys R Us. Cost 6.99 (was on offer too wakaka). I bought my own mugs (6 mugs for 2.99) so what does this tell you? It's cheap to paint your own mugs!! It's so much more meaningful too!

So this is just a suggestion. Obviously if you want to seriously get into it and make it into a hobby- you can buy your own actual porcelain paint like me (I have yet to try tehehe).

Big thanks to youtuber "DTrinh09" for the awesome Totoro instrument!

Hope you are all well!
Talk to you guys soon in Hong Kong. I fly back in a few days!

Much love,
Bubz xx

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