Dvorahji FUNNY! Sri Sri MEANINGLESS! Art of Living

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The Hilarious music video on the secret of life. The Truth the Scientist forgot to tell you. (download song...
The Hilarious music video on the secret of life. The Truth the Scientist forgot to tell you. (download song on www.dvorahji****) parody of an original song by Stephin Merritt Awakening seems to happen at the strangest times - completely unexpected. One minute you're a challenged & confused, sometimes miserable spiritual seeker; and the next minute you're Awake, Free, At home, Fearless, Completely Open to the uncertainty and challenges in life, not caring whether you live or die. Awakening is not judgemental. It doesn't matter who you are, what you do, what you think or what you ate that day!!! Awakening is an open invitation to EVERYONE - the bad, the good, the beautiful, the sweet, the sour, the sacred, the sinner, EVERYONE. Your life and how you live it, has nothing to do with AWAKENING. AWAKENING is a natural occurance in life , in the same way that an apple develops from seed to fruit. And YOU like an apple are ripe, ready one day; and natually AWAKE to Yourself, your Nature. Now I know for most struggling spiritual seekers and those yearning for truth, it's a tough "out of control" concept to swallow but what can I say? The path is an apple and enlightenment is an orange. Two completely different elements/happenings. The enlightened aren't actually any different than the unenlightened. Both ARE thier "Enlightened Natures" (you could say that everything and everyone is ENLIGHTENMENT). However the enlightened accept and are at peace with their circumstances in life and everyone/everything elses: While the unenlightened are always questioning doubting and in turmoil over their lot in life and the world's. It's not that the Enlightened have any answers necessarily, it's just that they're finally at Peace. They sing a song of freedom even when their heart is breaking. A strange impossible contradiction to the ordinary mind. Some people Wake Up and they become Big Gurus, or Guides with sweet voices and kind gestures and only talk about love and bliss and making happy. They perform miracles, levitate, dissappear, bless you, offer solutions, or heal with the wave of a flower. Others remain exactly as they are: hoursewives, CEOs, children, prisoners, chefs, policemen etc. Being Awake takes many forms, and for some reason more people are waking up to their TRUE SELF, THEIR VERY NATURE than ever before and I don't know why, except that it's their time. People have all sorts of concept and fantasies about Enlightenment or self-realization - but from my stance - it's just about being completely natural, completely yourself. Can you lose it? Does it (realization) come or go depending on what you eat, feel, say, or do? Are there levels to realization, a kind of growth and development? All I can say is how can you lose your nature? It's impossible! Wherever you go - your Nature is there! It's IMPOSSIBLE TO LOSE YOUR NATURE, IMPOSSIBLE!. There is a perception among many New Age people that enlightenment takes a disciplined step by step path and you need to work at it. However when you WAKE UP all you can say is, "What a joke!!" You see your struggle has been ridiculous, and you begin to relax, have some fun or not, and stop this meaningless search for freedom Freedom is your Nature - and all your so-called boundries become your play arena. You cry and scream and laugh and get bored and twitch with anger - but like a cloud it passes over the "free open sky" and Freedom ALWAYS remains and is ALWAYS there, Being you, Being everything. That's why you don't take yourself, your opinions or transgression toward yourself or others very seriously and forgive yourself and others naturally. All is accepted, loved, forgiven in the light of Freedom You realize that your discipline, meditation, service, friendliness, good deeds, have brought you families, friends, cool spiritual experiences, admiration, love, happiness, health etc - but none of it ever brought you SELF REALIZATION. That was always a natural Surprise - a gift, a Happening! And it only happened when it was Time. "IT" doesn't care if you've meditated for an hour or 40 years. IT doesn't care if you were kind that day or threw a tantrum. When it's time - You are Ready, whether you like it or NOT! An orange falls on your head and BINGO you're AWAKE and you never fall asleep again: But dreaming??? Well that's another story - Much Love to you, Dvorah