Illuminati Hand Signs and Handshakes - Ron Paul

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you'd think ronnie paul would know better...

and why would Ron Pauls youtube campaign site run a subliminal messege of Saddam Hussein's face???

at :45 seconds in...

from from RonPaul2008dotcom

Ron Paul is Bill Maher's New Hero

Reptilian/Masonic/illuminati Handshake

Freemasons use many forms of secret handshakes or hand gestures to show loyalty to their fellow members. At times, members use the secret handshake so that the person they shakehands with, can then come to know that person is a fellow mason.

Many of the men world leaders are members of the freemasonry.

An routley, they give the secret handshake to each other that can be seen in many photos on web sites.

Reptilian Ron Paul Vids by Alexorcisto
and meatclown07;

song; ATB - Love Will Find You


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