Ectomorph Muscle Gain Transformation

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*UPDATE* (5/10/11) Wow! I cannot believe how popular my video has become! First, I'd like to thank everybod...
*UPDATE* (5/10/11) Wow! I cannot believe how popular my video has become! First, I'd like to thank everybody who has watched my progress and of course for the many kind words. Since making this video I have been hitting the gym even harder, slowly learning more and more about my body and how it responds to certain lifting routines. I've managed to pack on an additional 20lbs. of mucle! I'm now sitting at a solid 170lbs. If you've noticed, my 4-day split has become a 5-day split. I now do shoulders and back on seperate days. This makes it easier for me to go even heavier and maximize my gains when each has its own day. I've also added an intra-workout supplement called IntrAbolic. It's fantastic stuff. Gives you a boost of energy and keeps your body flooded with all of the amino acids you need DURING your workout. I highly recommend it! I'm not sure exactly when, but an updated video is definitely in the future. Thank you again to everyone for all of the support. Lift hard! I started my muscle-gain journey about 10 months ago when I got tired of being the scrawny guy that could blow away with the wind, and decided to document my progress as much as possible. I know there are not a ton of pictures and not very good posing, but I hope it's sufficient. I've worked very hard to get where I am now. My body is very stingy about putting on weight, especially muscle. I have an incredibly high metabolism, but I've tried my best to work around that. I put on a solid 35 pounds of dense muscle and I'm still nowhere near where I would like to be. My journey continues and I hope that this video may inspire some to take on the challenge. Thank you! 5 Day Split: Chest Biceps/Triceps Shoulders Back Legs/Abs Supplements: Gold Standard 100% Whey Athletic Edge Nutrition IntrAbolic Height: 5'8" Age: 19 I eat 5-6 meals a day, foods high in protein (lots of tuna, chicken, eggs) and carbs (rice, breads, potatoes, pasta). Protein shakes/bars in between meals, eating at least every 2 hours.