Dance Contest Tips, Tricks, and 100% Dances

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Note to all viewers: Please read the whole video description and watch the video from start to finish. If t...
Note to all viewers: Please read the whole video description and watch the video from start to finish. If that is not possible, I recommend you don't comment the video or make a rating. Things are often misconstrued; if you are not impressed with the video leave a comment and I am likely to reply. I've been lurking in the shadows of the Night Club... watching penguins jamming and dancing. I saw myriads of low B's and C's, and so, when I could take the sight no longer, I had to show penguins how it's done... in this video! That's right, Nmc01 is a Dance Challenge connoisseur! I have seen dances by penguins which were applauded, but to me, those dances are what I would call, "Eh..." For short, most penguins are leaning in the Easy and Medium zones. To them, getting an A Rank in Medium is impossible, to me, getting an A Rank in Medium is a lifestyle. So if you're tired of the "fair" and the "mediocre," watch this video! While I dance, tips, notes, and warnings will be shown if you need the slightest bit of help. In this video, I hit all of the notes in Expert "Epic Win!" and Medium "Penguin Band Boogie." Crowd: W00T! W00T! (Thunderous Applause) Me: Kinda shabby... but it'll do! If you can beat my high scores (shown at the end of the video) without the use of a Purple Puffle, you are welcome to send a video response. If you need help clarifying something in Dance Challenge, feel free to comment! Please don't mind the sound. It was a little off, so I "kinda sorta" fixed it. One more thing: This was supposed to be my first video here on YouTube, but because of all the back-breaking hours of recording, editing, and throwing in audio, it's finally done! *****TO THOSE WHO HATE CP****** Note: If you hate Club Penguin, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM MY VIDEOS!!! My videos are strictly focused on Club Penguin. I don't need any negative feedback. I will block you if you act like a jerk. If you like Club Penguin but don't like something about the video, private message me. Please make sure your message is polite. Also, NEVER type comments with inappropriate language in them; children can watch my videos too. *****TO WII INTERNET CHANNEL USERS***** If you have the Internet Channel on the Nintendo Wii to view this video, take note that the annotations won't show up UNLESS you receive the newest version of the Internet Channel. Also, do not, I repeat, do NOT watch this video on YouTube XL. You won't be able to see annotations, comments, and even the video description! Need I mention that you can't change the quality of the video best suited to you? If you don't want to use YouTube XL on the Internet Channel, follow these steps: 0) If you haven't already, update the Internet Channel to the newest version. 1) Go on your Wii and go to the Internet Channel. 2) Go to youtube****. 3) If you see the YouTube XL logo on the screen or you see a much more simplistic version of YouTube, go to Step 4. Otherwise, you are already watching on "normal" YouTube and you don't have to change this. 4) On the top-right corner of the screen, click "View Standard Version." 5) Look at any video, and if it looks like "normal" YouTube, congratulations! 6) NEVER switch back to YouTube XL!!! =)