Waterrocket 163 Meter or 534 Feet! + Crash Team.(D&P)Rockets*

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13 december we launched our 8 liter rocket again. This was a very cold day. And we had very cold hands and thats why it was not easy to pack the 2 parachutes and arm the parachute system. Maybe we rushed a bit to much doing that. And thats maybe why the parachutes didn't came out..

When the rocket touched down with mother earth. We thought this was the last launch of this rocket, saidly.. And we thought the altimiter was gone also..
But the rocket has survived it and also the altimiter had survived the crash!
The rocket has some bumps and wrinks.. but it doesnt have a leak. So maybe we can use it again! THe parachute system is completly lost! so we have to make an new parachute system. We have some new ideas for a new kind of system..

By the way:
We have made a new rocket out of 3 bottles. So the volume of that rocket is about 4 liters. And is capable of 12 bar. But thats not enough for us, so we bought some carbon fibre sleeve. Now the only thing we have to do is to epoxy the carbon sleeve to the rocket and launch! Our launch pressure will be 22 bars when we finished with it! Lets hope it will hold that pressure!
Stay tuned for updates of that rocket. We will post soon on www.wra2.org/forum on the advanced rockets page!

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