Men Hitting Women [18+]

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My name is Brandon Punihaole. I was born in Ft. Luis Washington. I am Hawaiian and a lot more stuff. My mom and my father got married when I was a baby. They got divorced when I was one years old. My mom meet this guy name Mark. They got married and I have called him dad my whole life. My real dad(Chris) I call him dad Chris. Well my mom and him had four kids. There names from oldest to youngest are Brianna(13) Jessica(11) Josh(8) Alexi(6). So I have pretty much raised all of them from when they were born till now. In 2001 my dad(Mark[step dad}])made bad choices and started smoking crack and doing speed. He got bad into it and kicked my mom, I and 5 kids(at the time) out of the house. Him and all his drug friends smoked crack and everything in that house. One day my mother and I went to the house to get some stuff I seen my dad all cracked out, he looked like he wanted to hit me. I went in the house and seen shit on the floor and seen all these people in my house I seen people taking my fucking bed. We got our shit and left the house. We were homeless so we lived with my uncle Marc. A couple of weeks later my house is on the news. It was a murder. My dad fucked over a drug dealer. So they set him up for murder. As that is what I hear he might have killed the guy idk. But so my dad needed a lot of money to pay off the drug dealer so he robbed his own bank. So my dad was on the run. My mom and I found him and called the police. So he went to jail. They were charging him with murder and robbery. He went to trial and they dropped the murder charges. But he got the robbery charges. He got 11 years. He has been in jail since 2001. And still is. The earliest he can get out of jail is 08-30-2010. So my mom takes it hard being a single mom of 5 kids. She parties and smoked pot a lot. We lived in a bad area. I had friends that got into trouble. I threw rocks at cars and got charged for that, I set a big fire work off and it started a fire, I ran the streets at night, and I broke into my grandmas house. I have never smoked pot, I have never smoked anything before. I have drank thats it. I have and never will hit a girl ill get into that in a little. So I went to court got probation for breaking into the house because my grandma press charges on me (to learn my lesson). So I got one year probation. I am still on probation. Because of what my dad did I skipped school I did it so much I went to court 4 times. Thats why I got kicked out of school. I failed probation because I got kicked out of school. I have court April 1st I may go to jail. My mom now has 7 kids and is single. I am the oldest out of all of them. I am very shy at school I dont talk to very many people because of my dad. Im impendent. I love computers. I now am going to a online school. So the reason why I will never drink and hit a girl. My uncle marc who I love very much drinks a lot. He drinks jagermeister and when he drank that and gets drunk he is very mean. He hit his wife many times and he pushed her down the stairs. Me seeing that and listing to what she had to say at a young age made me never want to hit a girl that night I promised myself I would never hit a girl and I will always be there for a girl no matter what she does or has done to me . I am very open I will be there for anyone who needs it. I am not like most guys, I look for love and personality not like most men who go for looks and sex. Some girls call me gay because I am so open and talk to them I can understand and fill how they fill as if I were a girl. My favorite color is pink. I love my family very much. If I lost them I would die.
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