Anne/Henry : Tonight By Lykke Li ( The Tudors )

By: xHistoryGirl23x


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So I am nostalgic for all things Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII on The Tudors (I can't wait for 4th season), heard this song, and wanted to vid it as my last vid, for a few months at least. I am starting my teaching internship on monday, PRAY FOR ME pls, and will spend less time vidding. Ill be on youtube but hopefully not vidding as much.I may make some vids for class lessons and might put those up, but it depends on time and content. Anyways, I know the audio/dialogue sucks, WMM is not ideal with that kind of stuff, but I hope yall get the main idea. I JUST LOVE THIS SONG, thanks to My Life as Liz on MTV, from which I heard it. The chorus features some of my fave romantic scenes between the two as well as the scenes that break the marriage apart at the end. Thanks to everyone watching, commenting, and supporting the channel. *hugs* You are the best! Dialogue: Anne: Henry! Henry: It's all right. Anne: Seduce me. Anne: It broke my heart... It is not all my fault. see you loved others. I am the most happy! I have come here to die.
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