Christian & Kimber - Hot N' Cold (edited Version)

By: MrsMcMahon4life


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I re-did my old video and edited it to be better suited for all audiences, took out some scenes & added new ones. Just another version of the video.

This is a video dedicated to the awesome couple, Christian Troy & Kimber Henry from "Nip/Tuck." I'm planning on making a happier one in the future. That is, if I can find more clips. Preferably happier ones. Don't know when that will be, but I hope you enjoy this one! =)

I was working with a limited number of clips so I didn't have much to use, but I did the best I could with what I had. Hopefully it paid off. =) I always thought "Hot N' Cold" by Katy Perry would be the perfect song for these two, that's what I chose it.

The video is told from both Christian & Kimber's POV. It sort of switches back and forth, as you'll see. The concept was: After Kimber shows she still has feelings for Christian at he & Liz's wedding, the two of them think back on their relationship over the years and by the end of it, Christian is thinking more about being with her. At least that's what I'm trying to get across.

The black & white clips illustrate the parts of their relationship that both of them would rather erase from their memory/time together. If only they could.

Please comment & rate! Enjoy!

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