O Saya Tsunami Remix from Slumdog Millionaire, Feat. A.R. Rahman, M.I.A., and Ahmen

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The O...Saya tsunami remix from the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack. Thanks to buffmefilm and FanMade Productions for the video.

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They cant touch me
We break off run so faster
They cant even touch me
Been that you see
Touch me.. i ll show you choose
Run zig zag quickly
Pick up the pack of my journey
Dont suddenly start to follow me
I m a luck some days the suck
We live by the buck
We get for the family
One day i wanna be a star
So i get to hang in a bar
I ll go to vegas and play off
Just to forget my scars
Sweat shops have made me shifty
Like a ninja with speed i am nifty
I hope i live till i am fifty
See my city go a quick to a thrifty

Civil, wars, we're a product of the havoc...settle, scores, we're abolishing the fabric
His-tory, will remember how we fought back...HIS, TORY, damn, how I never thought that?
I'm a civilian, can I have an impact, test on my brilliance, invest in the billions
Afflicted with sickness, ceilins conflicted with dreams n their means, it's a scene of resilience
Victim of a business of rocks n gold...we'd rather have a rhythm that rocks the soul
Rather have a vision, no obstacles...it's sad when your goal is pockets full
And there's much bigger issues in the world, I know, so the mission is to know me as responsible
I don't wanna be a pawn where the hearts are cold, let's make home the definition of possible

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