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Let me say that this is the only person ever healed by these means of this disease. You must be called. It is not for you to think that you should not go to a doctor, or think that you can ignore something that is ailing you. These are mysterious miracles which happen to few, why? I do not know. All I know is to take it as a word of faith, and keep praying, but do not think you will have this type of miracle if something is wrong with you go to a doctor, and ask for a miracle too.

Delores Winder: Plagued with pseudo arthrosis for nineteen and one-half years, Delores Winder was preparing for her funeral. Then she attended a Kathryn Kuhlman meeting and received one of the greatest healing miracles of the twentieth century. Read an article about Delores' healing below.

"Jesus Set Me Free":
The Miracle Healing of Delores Winder
By Linda Josef, Ph.D.

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