WiiMote Playing Half-Life 2 on a Computer

By: Bl4ckFr0g


Uploaded on December 05, 2006 by Bl4ckFr0g Powered by YouTube

I'm playing Half-Life 2 on my computer using a Wii controller thats connected via bluetooth and GlovePie. Check www.wiili.org (http://www.wiili.org/forum/download-windows-driver-here-t294.html)
and http://carl.kenner.googlepages.com/glovepie_download

Wiiiiiiiiii! Any info you want should be narrated in the video, if not post a comment with a question.

For those interested (and who can't understand me) the music is by DJ SymBiotiX (DJ SBX) check out his stuff at www.djsbx.com

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