Mobile Marketing W/ Video Classifieds

By: CellSigns


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Interactive Video Classifieds, mobile applications when combined with video provide a very powerful advertising and distribution channel that people can interact with, take with them and share easily with others. CellSigns powers mobile marketing, SMS, WAP, and other mobile applications.

CellSigns is a leading enterprise mobile applications company providing interactive solutions for businesses via text messaging, SMS, MMS and WAP. Supported by every major wireless carrier and working on over 97% of all cell phones, the company offers private label mobile search tools, click-to-chat, Mobile IM (MIM) applications.

Using a proprietary interactive application platform CellSigns has a suite of products that enables enterprises and small business alike to empower their sales force, their customers, and consumers through powerful communication/information tools.

Founded in 2004, the company released its first products in July of 2005 with real estate applications and property marketing tools for Brokers, Agents and Consumers. As a result of its technology and innovation, CellSigns has become an industry leader in enterprise mobile applications and mobile Real Estate information delivery. The company has clients ranging from Fortune 100 enterprises to the individual business practitioner.

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