Multifandom I Like

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"hot boys, dirty minds." ;)

HD is best!
im really proud of this video!! its the longest video i've ever made with Sony Vegas.. it took me a week to edit and the rendering took agesss!!
but its all worth it :)
isnt it sorta.. epic?

i have a question for you guys.. WHATS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF THIS VIDEO?
personally, mine is probably 1:32 - 1:48 because.. i actually dont know :P haha.
but yeah, tell me in the comments section :)

this week, i discovered some new "fandoms", so thats why theres HEAPS of them in this video, haha.
okay, these are the videos/movies/shows i used in this video IN ORDER OF APPEARENCE:
- Step Up 3D
- The OC
- New York Minute
- The Sweetest Thing
- Mean Girls
- Degrassi: The Next Generation
- Disturbia
- Blue Crush
- Step Up
- Step Up 2: The Streets
- American Pie 3: The Wedding
- The Notebook
- The Hitcher
- eelG
- LOL: Laughing Out Loud (...NO, not the one starring Adam Sevani & Miley Cyrus... the FRENCH/ORIGINAL movie, haha)
- House Of Wax
- Superbad
- Coyote Ugly
&&& thats about it! woah, 18 fandoms in one video, well... hopefully theres something for everyone to enjoy ;) haha.

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